Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skittles Mani

skittlescreme.jpg (500×1127)

Creme version
skittlesshimmer.jpg (500×1043)

Shimmery version on left hand :)

OPI Charmed By a Snake

The swatches I have taken here have many faces! This gold seems to change its look quite frequently in some lights. Or I just don't take photos very well?! Haha ^.^

charmedx.jpg (500×718)
Here it is in a yellow-ish light... My lamp always make my hands look yellow :x but this picture is my favorite.

emeraldc.jpg (500×2028)

Here it is on direct sunlight and in the shade (early morning). Oh, and today's cameos are Emerald City by Sally Hansen and Yuki, of course :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoya Heather and Color Club Velvet Rope

zoyaheather.jpg (600×1979)

I usually am in love with Zoya's formula... but they can be a hit or a miss. Their dark cremes are heavenly--I honestly think they can compare to high end polishes, like Illamasqua or Rescue Beauty Lounge's. But this one wasn't so hot on the application. Heather applied like what most pastels and whites do, It was a bit streaky and goopy. Few drops of thinner could fix this problem.. but the thinner I have right now isn't very good. I'm thinking about making a Seche Restore purchase soon.

Heather is a gorgeous light lavender creme. The color is so beautiful and lovely! It looks really delicate and pure. I'd say it'd look best on really tan or really fair ladies--I'm somewhere in the middle though :P Anyways, It's really pretty! I love it.

ccmusiquered.jpg (600×1569)

Here is Color Club's Velvet Rope, from their musique collection.
It's my favorite red shimmer. I have hundreds..(okay, maybe a few) of red shimmers but they never look this good on me! Velvet Rope makes my hand look really pale and white. The color itself is very bright and noticeable. Classic!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Purple & Pink Gradation Nail Art

grad1.jpg (500×2021)

Doing gradations on nails are surprisingly easy. It's just a few dabs with a sponge!
I usually use 2-3 colors for a smooth gradation. Also, topping them with glitters distracts from the minor mistakes and smudges. They look good! The glitter is NYC's Starry Night. It's only a buck each!

grad2u.jpg (500×1881)

Tried it with a pink on the right hand. I don't think NYC Starry Night goes well with this color though. Those blue glitters look out of place!

Zoya Hope

hopezoya.jpg (500×1988)

Sorry about the sheet marks again. I always swatch at night and take photographs in the morning! I should try wearing a good, sturdy topcoat... But the color is pretty! ^^

Essie Sugar Cane with Wireless

Essie Sugar Cane reminds me of milk chocolate :) sorry about the sheetmarks.

sugarcanewireless.jpg (500×2100)

Sugar Cane with ChG wireless! My favorite holographic top coat.

sugaryuki.jpg (500×750)

Yuki and Essie :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Apple Nail Art

applies.jpg (400×1910)

Apple nail art & quick steps

1. Apply base coat
2. Create half of an apple by drawing two oval shapes as a french, using red polish
3. Draw the stems by flattening the brush and using very little polish with a brown polish
4. Draw a leaf , using the similar method as 3
5. For the shine, dot white polish with a toothpick
6. Apply a holographic top coat (optional)

Ink & Dark Purple Comparison

inkcompare.jpg (500×2918)

Yuki made a cameo on this one, he always likes to hang around whenever I apply polish. We get high on fumes together... :P

These L.A. Girls polishes on Forever 21 are addictive! I can never pass them up. Too bad they don't have specific names on them--I know they have it, they just like to give vague names to polish consumers like me! Anyways, I think the names are on F21's sites and on L.A. Girls website. It's just a bit annoying to track them down.

I'll call this L.A. Girl polish "dark purple (DP)" since that was the name written on the bottle.
DP and Ink are indeed very similar, but I think I like DP more! It's has more shimmer and is very pigmented. I could get away with only one coat when applied nicely. The pictures show 2 coats for DP and 3 coats for Ink.

Missha GR101

misshagr.jpg (500×830)

Petites Black Amethyst

petites.jpg (500×989)

This was my first Petites! You can't beat that price for only a buck each. Black Amethyst has a purple shimmer in a black creme base. It needs a topcoat for gloss, though. This was 3 coats.

Roses and Other Roses

roseslove.jpg (400×714)

I don't know why, but drawing roses makes me really happy! ^^
It's just few easy strokes, and voilĂ , roses!

of course, another doodle with roses :)

mod87353.png (400×400)

Pink Leopard

curveballmani.jpg (500×1404)

I love using the Konad leopard too, but they were a bit small for my taste. Plus, freehanded nail arts have it's unique charm :)
I thought these colors went good together!

mod87811.png (400×500)
a little leopard - ish doodle. :)

Let's Blog :)

curveballj.jpg (500×1088)

Hello, fellow nail polish lovers!
I hope you'll enjoy my trip down lacquer lane together!