Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ink & Dark Purple Comparison

inkcompare.jpg (500×2918)

Yuki made a cameo on this one, he always likes to hang around whenever I apply polish. We get high on fumes together... :P

These L.A. Girls polishes on Forever 21 are addictive! I can never pass them up. Too bad they don't have specific names on them--I know they have it, they just like to give vague names to polish consumers like me! Anyways, I think the names are on F21's sites and on L.A. Girls website. It's just a bit annoying to track them down.

I'll call this L.A. Girl polish "dark purple (DP)" since that was the name written on the bottle.
DP and Ink are indeed very similar, but I think I like DP more! It's has more shimmer and is very pigmented. I could get away with only one coat when applied nicely. The pictures show 2 coats for DP and 3 coats for Ink.

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