Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoya Heather and Color Club Velvet Rope

zoyaheather.jpg (600×1979)

I usually am in love with Zoya's formula... but they can be a hit or a miss. Their dark cremes are heavenly--I honestly think they can compare to high end polishes, like Illamasqua or Rescue Beauty Lounge's. But this one wasn't so hot on the application. Heather applied like what most pastels and whites do, It was a bit streaky and goopy. Few drops of thinner could fix this problem.. but the thinner I have right now isn't very good. I'm thinking about making a Seche Restore purchase soon.

Heather is a gorgeous light lavender creme. The color is so beautiful and lovely! It looks really delicate and pure. I'd say it'd look best on really tan or really fair ladies--I'm somewhere in the middle though :P Anyways, It's really pretty! I love it.

ccmusiquered.jpg (600×1569)

Here is Color Club's Velvet Rope, from their musique collection.
It's my favorite red shimmer. I have hundreds..(okay, maybe a few) of red shimmers but they never look this good on me! Velvet Rope makes my hand look really pale and white. The color itself is very bright and noticeable. Classic!

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